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SDM has a reputation for plastic injection molding the components that others can not. Our molding professionals understand that correct processing during molding contributes greatly to the quality and accuracy of the molded part. Without professional expertise, trying to mold a complex, high-precision part, can become challenging at best.

SDM molds components for the medical, electronic, industrial, and aerospace industries, and prides itself on its close tolerance molding capabilities. 

Acnt Plastics-218
Acnt Plastics-220
Acnt Plastics-222
Acnt Plastics-231
Acnt Plastics-240
Acnt Plastics-253
Acnt Plastics-265
Acnt Plastics-280
Acnt Plastics-295
Acnt Plastics-298
Acnt Plastics-297
Acnt Plastics-302
Acnt Plastics-308
Acnt Plastics-303
Acnt Plastics-312
Acnt Plastics-306
Acnt Plastics-310
Acnt Plastics-181
Acnt Plastics-192
Acnt Plastics-198
Acnt Plastics-196
Acnt Plastics-202
Acnt Plastics-214
Acnt Plastics-216
Acnt Plastics-186
Acnt Plastics-200
Acnt Plastics-209
Acnt Plastics-230
Acnt Plastics-226
Acnt Plastics-259
Acnt Plastics-263
Acnt Plastics-269
Acnt Plastics-278
Acnt Plastics-285
Acnt Plastics-290
Acnt Plastics-287
Acnt Plastics-318
Acnt Plastics-328
Acnt Plastics-177
Acnt Plastics-171
Acnt Plastics-180
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